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Top Oahu Restaurants

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Fine Dining in Oahu: 10 Best Restaurants You Need to Try

When you think about Oahu, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Sun, surf and sand!

While those are all things you’ll find in abundance when you visit this island paradise, there’s so much more to Oahu than just its natural beauty.

A lesser-known hidden gem is the island’s fine dining scene.

From upscale restaurants on waterfront properties to intimate eateries tucked away in lush green spaces and everything in between, there are so many amazing places to go for a special night out.

If you’re a foodie at heart, you’ll love these 10 best fine dining restaurants in Oahu.

1. Bali Oceanfront

If you’re looking for a high-end sunset dinner with unparalleled views of Diamond Head and the shorelines of Waikiki, Bali Oceanfront ticks all the boxes.

It’s one among several restaurants found within Hilton Hawaiian Village and comparatively cheaper than the other eateries in the complex.

The restaurant gets packed fast and has limited seating so be sure to plan accordingly, especially if you’re with a large group.

2. Hoku’s

Located approximately 10 minutes drive from downtown Honolulu, Hoku’s is a favorite spot for locals and tourists alike.

Aside from breathtaking views of the Pacific, this restaurant attracts high-end dining fanatics thanks to their exceptional meals, elegant presentation, laidback vibe, and attentive staff.

Hoku’s is part of Kahala resort so you can expect an upscale atmosphere from every corner.

The restaurant is roomy and with the huge windows overlooking the ocean, the interior is bright with a very pleasant ambiance.

Although Hoku’s offers Hawaiian cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients, it’s the expansive seafood dishes that dominate their menu.

La Mer

3. La Mer

La Mer is a sophisticated spot located within Halekulani Hotel and it’s one of the best gourmet restaurants on the island.

There’s no easier way to spoil yourself on a special occasion!

The restaurant combines an elegant Hawaiian atmosphere with a French vibe to create an exceptional indoor open-air dining experience with beautiful views of the ocean.

Their menu features French cuisine prepared using the local produce and each plate is a gorgeous work of art.

Don’t forget to dress up to match the classy setting!

4. Roy’s Waikiki Beach

Established over three decades ago, this restaurant has been the epitome of excellence, creative culinary discoveries, and top-grade service on this island.

There are spacious seating areas inside and out but if you’re just having a casual dinner, you can sit at the kitchen bar to have a sneak peek into the magic behind your delicious meal.

Although you can never go wrong with most dishes on the menu, Macadamia Nut Crusted Hawaiian Fish, Crispy Blue Crab Cakes, and Roy’s Wood-Smoked Szechuan-Style Baby Back Pork Ribs are a sure bet for most people.

They also have a great selection of wines and tropical drinks.

5. MW Restaurant

Situated 15 minutes from Waikiki and right behind Ala Moana Center, the award-winning MW Restaurant is among the most reliable upscale dining places in Oahu.

Offering Hawaii regional cuisine with a creative and inventive twist on every plate, this restaurant is a must-visit.

Owned by a couple, Michelle and Wade, MW is a fantastic option especially if you want to dine in a classy yet authentic Hawaiian restaurant.

Although the décor is on the minimalist side, the vibe at this diner is relaxed and perfect for holding a conversation.

6. Orchids at Halekulani Hotel

In the midst of Waikiki’s hustle and bustle, Orchids is an oasis of tranquility and relaxing ambiance.

The great location overlooking Waikiki Beach, excellent food, attentive staff, and thriving orchids in every corner you look, makes this restaurant one of a kind.

It’s perched within Halekulani Hotel and serves a beautiful mix between local flavors as well as a range of specialty dishes, all in a charming lanai setting and an elegant interior.

You don’t have to come here only for dinner; their beloved coconut cake is to die for! Dig into your dessert and watch the sunset over the ocean.

Orchids is also known to be the best spot in Oahu for Sunday brunch, offering a great selection of Japanese, American, and Hawaiian cuisines.

Hys steakhouse waikiki

7. Hy’s Steak House – Waikiki

If you’re yearning for a flavor-packed steak and impeccable service starting at the valet parking till the time you leave, Hy’s Steak House is a great option.

It’s a top-level establishment with amazing staff that seems to always be a step ahead of you in anticipating your needs.

Adjourning the Vive Hotel, Hy’s has been in business in the area for years and it has remained a favorite, especially among steak lovers.

Aside from the classy interior, great meals, and table-side desserts, the live performance adds to the overall appeal of the fine dining experience at the Hy’s.

Be sure to try their flaming dessert – it’s a specialty worth experiencing!

To make sure you blend in perfectly with its old-school vibe and outstanding atmosphere, this steakhouse has a dress code that matches its elegance so be sure to dress accordingly.

8. 53 By The Sea

53 By The Sea is a restaurant set right on Waikiki’s shoreline and it gives you an opportunity to experience the best high-end dining in all of Hawaii.

The restaurant is popular for its use of local produce for its dishes, and although they have a diverse menu, seafood is a huge part of it.

Located around the Kakaako area, 53 By The Sea gives diners amazing meals in a beautiful setting and an enviable backdrop of the famed Diamond Head.

Its villa-like architecture gives it a unique luxurious appeal even from miles away.

While the restaurant welcomes groups and families too, the ambiance is perfect for intimate dining.

9. Chef Chai at Pacifica

If you want to enjoy Hawaiian regional cuisine wrapped in white table cloths and surrounded by a dapper crowd, reserve a spot at Chef Chai at Pacifica.

The award-winning chef at this restaurant is always exploring Oahu’s farmers’ market for new spices in order to bring a new flair to dishes.

This means, each visit is always a different experience.

Some of their signature dishes include; Fresh Mahi Mahi with Thai Red Curry Sauce, Fresh Ahi Katsu with Tomato Mango Salsa Wasabi Curry Sauce, and Thai Style Oxtail Soup.

Minas fish house waikiki

10. Mina’s Fish House

Enjoying a meal prepared by an award-winning chef while listening to the ocean waves and live music is the perfect definition of high-end dining.

At Mina’s, they offer unique seafood options that you don’t find in many places.

But the biggest draw to this restaurant is the fact that they have a fish sommelier; an expert that helps you choose the perfect fish for your palate.

In addition to the inviting atmosphere and attentive service, this line-to-table restaurant is located within the beautiful Four Season Resort and overlooks the alluring Ko Olina Lagoons.

The outdoor seating stretches right up to the beach which makes it a nice spot to watch the sunset.